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Release notes


2.0 Beta (2.0.6430.31446)

  • Feature: Threads Map diagrams support multiple AppDomain’s
  • Bug fixes: several problems affecting applications with multiple AppDomain’s; small performance enhancements; various stability issues


2.0 Beta (2.0.6240.32017)

  • Bug fix: intermittent VS2015 startup failures if Threads Map tool was left open at the time VS2015 was previously closed
  • Bug fix: exceptions running test applications that use certain characters in their AppDomain names


2.0 Beta (2.0.6044.31865)

  • Bug fixes: Afterburner build step failure due to incorrect handling of Unicode characters in project directory path 


2.0 Beta (2.0.6024.31718)

  • Bug fixes: occasional installation error, issues building projects in Visual Studio 2015


2.0 Beta (2.0.5978.26533)

  • Feature: Support for Visual Studio 2015


2.0 Beta (2.0.5713.31520)

  • Bug fixes


2.0 Beta (2.0.5625.12182)

  • Feature: Added support for generating strong named assemblies


2.0 Beta (2.0.5577.33464)

  • Bug fixes
  • Stability and performance improvements


2.0 Beta (2.0.5502.35925)

  • Feature: Threads Map feature

  • Feature: Support for Visual Studio 2013
  • Feature: Support for Afterburner processed assemblies loaded by an unmanaged process.
  • Bug fix: in some cases Afterburner would fail processing assemblies manipulating Mutex.
  • Other bug fixes


1.2 Beta (1.2.5088.31386)

  • Feature: Introduced “Capture all thread stacks” flag to drastically improve runtime performance at the cost of less detailed deadlock exception reports.

  • Bug fix: failure to process assemblies that have exclusively resources and no classes.


1.2   Beta (1.2. 4902.21212)

  • Feature: Support for Visual Studio 2012

  • Bug fix: “Afterburner Features…” menu entry would be unavailable for certain solutions even though the solutions contain .NET projects.

  • Bug fix: Occasionally, Afterburner menu would pop up empty


1.2 Beta (1.2.4426.32778)

  • Feature: redesign of the logic imbedded into user assemblies leading to significant runtime performance improvements
    • Optimize deadlock detection setting is removed as it is no longer necessary
  • Feature: Support for additional synchronization primitives
    • Thread’s Join() method
    • ReaderWriterLockSlim
  • Bug fix: corrected support for Visual Studio 2005
  • Various bug fixes


1.1 Beta (1.1.4309.12104)

  • Bug fix: failures under some circumstances during Afterburner post-compilation step for projects specifying older versions of .NET as their target framework


1.1 Beta (1.1.4205.36525)

  • Feature: Support for localized and multilingual versions of Windows and Visual Studio


1.1 Beta (1.1.4067.34574)

·         Feature: Support for Visual Studio 2010

·         Feature: Support for .NET 4.0 (.NET 2.0 is still the minimum required version)

·         Feature: Support for additional synchronization primitives

o        Monitor’s Wait(), Pulse() and PulseAll() methods

o        WaitHandle’s WaitAny(), WaitAll()and SignalAndWait() methods

o        EventWaitHandle class

o        ManualResetEvent class

o        AutoResetEvent class

o        Mutex class

o        Semaphore class

o        ReaderWriterLock class

·         Feature: Support for Visual Studio’s Target Framework solution property


1.0 (1.0.4067.31149)

·         Feature: Afterburner no longer requires Visual Studio to be run with full administrative rights on Windows OS with the UAC (User Account Control) feature enabled.

·         Bug fix: Compatibility issue with 64bit versions of Windows OS causing startup failures.


1.0 (1.0.4016.13624)

·         Feature: Afterburner no longer requires .NET 2.0. It is compatible with 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 versions of .NET and uses the latest version installed.

·         Feature: Afterburner no longer has a dependency on .NET 3.5 features – the minimal required version is .NET 2.0.

·         Feature: Deadlock exception reports now contain the thread stacks at the place of lock acquisition and lock wait.

·         Feature: Automatic notifications of newly published Afterburner versions.

·         Bug fix: “Optimize Deadlock Detection” setting was not preserved between Visual Studio invocations.

·         Bug fix: Occasional failures during the Afterburner post-compilation processing.

·         Bug fix: Under some circumstance Afterburner processing would take place even when projects in question have not been modified and/or recompiled.

·         Bug fix: When Deadlock Prediction and/or Dispose Monitoring feature is enabled for an application and the application was run in the Visual Studio debugger, the corresponding report could have been opened in a default text editor rather than in Visual Studio directly.

·         Bug fix: Infrequent run-time race condition leading to failures.

·         Bug fix: Dispose monitoring was not introduced into some disposable classes when the feature was enabled.


1.0 Beta (1.0.3553.12408)

·         Bug fix: Afterburner post-processing step would not run under certain circumstances.

·         Bug fix: “Afterburner Features…” menu entry would be unavailable for certain solutions even though the solutions contain .NET projects.

·         Performance enhancement: Afterburner post-processing step runs up to 45% faster.


1.0 Beta (1.0.3528.25882)

·         Initial release.